Christmas Cards (Part 2)

In November I started working on a series of Christmas cards that I could send to friends and family (read Christmas Cards (Part 1) here – I started this project by sketching things that I associate with Christmas, then developing my ideas into final drawings. I composed the images into a Christmas tree shape, then scanned the layout and coloured it in Illustrator. When I had finished my design I realised that some of the images were very small and would not print well on a card that was only 105mm x 148mm. Here is the first design, where you can see that some of the details are lost on the smaller images:


I developed the design by removing some of the images and playing around with the strokes and sizes of the remaining images. After a few test prints I had a design that I was happy with. Then I did a series of colour experiments to see which colours worked well on the card and decided to use red and green as they are colours associated with Christmas. Here are the four final designs that were printed by