Colour Collective

For the past few weeks I have been taking part in the Colour Collective on Twitter after being asked to join in by the founder of the group, Penny Neville Lee. Every Saturday a colour is announced and artwork is posted on Twitter the following Friday at 7.30pm. The artwork can be any theme or medium as long as it features the chosen colour for that week.

I have really enjoyed the challenge of creating illustrations based on one colour and I love being part of the Colour Collective community because I am always inspired by the artwork that is created each week. You can find all of the wonderful artwork via the #colour_collective hashtag on Twitter.

Here are the illustrations I have submitted so far…

ColourCollectiveOperaRoseWeek 2 – Opera Rose

UltramarineWeek 3 – Ultramarine

SapGreenWeek 4 – Sap Green

BrillintVioletWeek 5 – Brilliant Violet