Logo design

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to create a logo for a small local business called Crwban Design who recycle items with special memories and make them into new products, such as cushions and key rings. Crwban is Welsh for tortoise, so the client wanted a tortoise to be the main feature of the design.

LogoIdea1copy LogoIdea2copy

After doing research about tortoises and sketching their shape I simplified the sketches so they would work well as a logo. Above are some of the sketches I did before developing a final design.

This is the final design I scanned and coloured in Illustrator. The client wanted a colour scheme that would fit in with their existing labels which were grey and gold, so these were the colours I used. I created a stitched effect inside the shell so it looks like it has been sewn together because most Crwban Design products are made this way. I was inspired by looking at how their cushions were made and wondered how this could be incorporated into the logo.

LogoOutlined400pxThis is the final logo design which will be used on their Facebook page and website. I added the business name to the logo in a style that matches their existing product labels. It was an enjoyable project to work on and has given me more experience of designing logos and drawing tortoises!