Pushing myself out of my comfort zone


A few weeks ago I posted my illustration of the Log Lady from Twin Peaks on my social media accounts and I thought I’d write a blog post about it too because it’s different to my other work and took me well out of my comfort zone.

This the first illustration of a person that I’ve done for a while. I find humans really challenging to draw and usually stick to animals, but I wanted to do a Log Lady illustration as a tribute to the late Catherine Coulson because she was one of my favourite characters from Twin Peaks. It took me a few attempts to draw something that looked right but I’m happy with the final result as I think it is recognisable as the Log Lady.

I used Photoshop to create the final artwork so that I could add textures, which is different to my usual vector illustrations. I love the multiple layers and textures the character wears and I wanted to use these in my artwork so I went back to Photoshop for the first time in over a year. I used Photoshop a lot in university as I liked to experiment with different textures, but about a year ago I tried Illustrator and found that I preferred it so I never went back to Photoshop until now. For future artwork I’m thinking about using a mix of the two so I can add textures to my vector illustrations.

After completing this illustration I was pleased to find that I’m still comfortable using Photoshop. I realised
that I’m not so bad at illustrating humans after all and I should probably push myself out of my comfort zone more often!