Why I’m learning to code

A few months ago I started learning basic HTML and CSS with Codecademy, and it completely changed my view on coding.

I always thought coding was something that web designers did, and as it seemed more technical than creative, I didn’t see many reasons why I would need those skills as a graphic designer and illustrator. I was wrong! My attitude started to change when I found myself looking for a new job (as my fixed-term graphic design position was coming to an end), and most vacancies required designers to have some experience with coding.

I started using Codecademy in particular after having a chat with a colleague who was using it for professional development. We were talking about the fact that most graphic designers are now required to have coding skills, and how not having these skills would put me at a disadvantage in my search for a new job. She suggested that I have a look at Codecademy, where I could learn the basics for free to get me started. That evening, I created an account and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the first few lessons.

I quickly realised how beneficial coding skills were, as not only would I be expanding my skillset as a designer, but I would also improve transferable skills such as attention to detail and problem solving. A few months later,
I have completed the Learn HTML, Learn CSS and Make a Website courses, and I’m planning to put these skills to use while looking into further training, which will hopefully benefit me in my job search. I’m also starting to understand the code for running this website, four years after launching it!