Colour Collective

2 February, 2015

For the past few weeks I have been taking part in the Colour Collective on Twitter after being asked to join in by the founder of the group, Penny Neville Lee. Every Saturday a colour is announced and artwork is posted on Twitter the following Friday at 7.30pm. The artwork can be any theme or medium as long as it features the chosen colour for that week.

I have really enjoyed the challenge of creating illustrations based on one colour and I love being part of the Colour Collective community because I am always inspired by the artwork that is created each week. You can find all of the wonderful artwork via the #colour_collective hashtag on Twitter.

Here are the illustrations I have submitted so far…

ColourCollectiveOperaRoseWeek 2 – Opera Rose

UltramarineWeek 3 – Ultramarine

SapGreenWeek 4 – Sap Green

BrillintVioletWeek 5 – Brilliant Violet

Christmas Cards (Part 2)

15 December, 2014

In November I started working on a series of Christmas cards that I could send to friends and family (read Christmas Cards (Part 1) here – I started this project by sketching things that I associate with Christmas, then developing my ideas into final drawings. I composed the images into a Christmas tree shape, then scanned the layout and coloured it in Illustrator. When I had finished my design I realised that some of the images were very small and would not print well on a card that was only 105mm x 148mm. Here is the first design, where you can see that some of the details are lost on the smaller images:


I developed the design by removing some of the images and playing around with the strokes and sizes of the remaining images. After a few test prints I had a design that I was happy with. Then I did a series of colour experiments to see which colours worked well on the card and decided to use red and green as they are colours associated with Christmas. Here are the four final designs that were printed by


Personal Illustration – Christening card

5 December, 2014

At the end of November I was invited to a Christening and I wanted to make a unique card for the parents, but at first I struggled to come up with an idea that would make the card more personal. I looked at the invitation to check the details of the event and found that I was unfamiliar with the church where the Christening was taking place, so I looked it up online. I was pleased to discover that the front of the church was quite an unusual shape and decided that it would be a good illustration for the card. I had fun simplifying the shapes of the church and using unrealistic colours to create the design.


Christmas Fundraiser Poster

3 December, 2014

Last week I was asked if I would like to design a poster for a fundraising event hosted by a local choir. I agreed to the project because I wanted to contribute to the event and I was interested in trying this kind of design work, which is different to my usual illustrations.

After receiving the information for the poster, I decided that the colour palette would be blue and white to reflect the theme of the event. I added some vector illustrations of trees and snowflakes because my simple style complements this type of desgin quite well. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to experiment with layouts and typography and I would love to do more work like this in the future. This is the final poster design:



Design Juices Feature

1 December, 2014

My work has been featured on Design Juices, an online creative blog. You can read the full article here –


Christmas Cards (Part 1)

20 November, 2014

This week I have been illustrating a series of Christmas cards that I will give to friends and family over the festive season. Here’s a little sample of what I’ve been working on.

More Daily Doodles

20 October, 2014

I am still taking part in Daily Doodle on Twitter, so here are a few I have done in the past few weeks. I decided to use Illustrator instead of Photoshop to colour these doodles because I wanted to develop my Illustrator skills.

TheLoraxThe Lorax


cowboycatCowboy Cat

SaloonVectorI added a background to the Cowboy Cat because I wanted to practice doing more backgrounds in Illustrator.

Personal illustration – new baby card

25 September, 2014

Some friends had a baby girl recently and I was lucky enough to visit them when she was just a few days old (and so tiny!) This is the card I made to congratulate them on their new arrival.

baby card

Daily Doodles

28 August, 2014

For the past few months I have been taking part in Daily Doodle on Twitter, which gives you a daily theme to draw. I have found it really fun and it has been helpful in keeping my illustration skills fresh. Here are a few of my doodles that I coloured in Photoshop…

dailydoodle1-chimpsteapartyChimp’s tea party

catinboxMy cat likes to hide in boxes


SquirrelNutkinSquirrel Nutkin


Personal illustration – anniversary card

7 July, 2014

A month ago I made a card for my boyfriend to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. I had just finished uni so it was a good opportunity to do some personal work.

 The meaning behind the illustration is that on weekends we usually spend a lot of time together and the first thing we do each morning is have coffee in our Le Creuset mugs. I had a lot of fun illustrating this as it was the first piece of personal work I have done for a while.
This is the printed version of the card. I noticed that the lines of steam didn’t print very well, so I made these darker on the photoshop file. I also made the smile on the black mug lighter so it could be seen better. Hopefully I will be able to do more quick personal projects soon as this will give me a chance to experiment a bit more.

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